After completing high school, a group of friends and I thought it wise to go for an adventure camp which was meant to clear our heads from the vigorous work of studying. We happily set forth on December 8, 2005 with our camping gear. On our way, a thought came to us to branch in one of the pubs to, “charge our minds” before we enter the campsite.

The thought turned out into a drinking spree. We drank and drank until we could not take anymore. My friend and I walked across the terrains with our camping gears feeling as though the world was on our hands; upon reaching the campsite we pitched our tents. At this moment we were only two: The others were to join us later. After preparing the campsite we left for supper at 7pm.

We did not go far before one of our friends from a different campsite invited us to their site; she was a girl guide coaching a group of teenage girls. Being in the midst of girls was accommodative in that we had much to talk about. We left that site to join another group of youths who were also partying. And so the drinking and laughter continued. I can’t explain exactly what transpired after the party. I later came to learn that the events that followed were an avenue to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Two events were happening at the same time. There was a raid by gangsters in Jam Park, a stone throw away from Rowallan Camp. In the same time frame, there was a commotion at the site where we were, this brought confusion. One of the scout leaders sought help from the security personnel in the camp. To my amazement, a forest ranger was led to me the reason being, I was the one causing commotion. The ranger didn’t want to hear my side of the story, he began, “working on me” without any concrete reason. Seeing that my life was on the line, I ran past the large crowd that had already gathered

I heard a gunshot in the air but this did not deter me from running away. The second shot hit my left side, missing my heart by a few inches. I was unconscious for quite some time.

I was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital and discharged on the same day of December 9, 2005. The police insisted on me being taken back to the police station to write a statement. I later came to learn that there were several vehicles at the crime scene. These were police cars that had been deployed with officers to Jam Park to quell the tension

They could not release me on account of that bullet shot. It was an offence for the forest ranger and so they were working on ways on how to cover him. I spent 11 days at the police station with the bullet wound as the police conducted investigations.

In between those 11 days I gave my life to Christ. I came to a cross road: my life didn’t make much sense. After a deep soul searching I gave in to Christ’s calling because He was the only one who could change my life for good.