Why Support the needy?

Maybe no one person can save the world … but you can make a world of difference for a needy person.

Why support? Because your ongoing support will provide the things that every needy person needs to thrive – but not every family can provide. Because your gift will fill critical gaps between what a person has and what they need, so they get the care, nutrition, clean water, education and opportunity they deserve. Because your friendship and encouragement will help a soul living in one of the world’s poorest places to believe in his own potential, and inspire him to live it fully, every single day.

Support is so much more than a monthly charity donation. It’s a commitment to a person. And it matters.

Today, support from friends through Gods provision is what allows us to remain in communities’ long term, building relationships with local pastors, leaders and churches in the villages as we focus on impacting the hearts of all people. Support from friends allows youngsters for Christ mission team to expand and deepen its work with children, youth and families even more. Your friendship and encouragement further elevates youngsters for Christ mission team to impact children, youths, families and communities, increasing their well-being.

Why Nationals?

Four Reasons to Empower Nationals

  • They speak the language.
  • They grew up in the culture.
  • They understand current local needs.
  • They are cost effective.

1. They Speak the Language

It takes time to learn a new language. Some are harder to learn than others, too. And of course, a missionary can't learn all the necessary words in a particular language.

A missionary has to be able to share abstract ideas like the Gospel, love and spiritual matters. The time spent on language training varies greatly for missionaries, but regardless of the time spent, it needs to be learned. National believers already know the languages they need to know to share the Gospel. They can reach people with the Good News right now!

A national doesn't need to study a language. They can reach people with the Good News right now!

2. They Grew Up in the Culture

Cultural norms are important. Our nationals know how to navigate these waters. They didn't spend years and money learning them, either. They already know how to work within the culture. In addition to being able to sidestep landmines of cultural taboos, having a history of being in the culture for long time, they are able to make cultural references that can help explain the gospel, and enable it to sink deep into hearts.

While the Holy Spirit can use the words anyone says to reach who He wants to reach, we believe nationals are ideally positioned to reach the people of their own culture. A national navigates cultural issues naturally, and can use them to help explain the Gospel.

3. They understand current local needs

In her book for the Love, Jen Hat maker tells a story she heard from a pastor in South America. A well-intentioned church group contacted his orphanage and offered to bring a group to paint the orphanage walls. Each year, they returned to re-paint the walls - assuming they knew what was needed, they continued to return year after year to perform the same service. So each year, just before the team arrived, the orphans smeared dirt on the walls to give the team something to do. They never asked, "What does your ministry need this year?" Hatmaker says, "We can do better than this."

We believe that national believers are the best equipped to reach their people. If we can make sure that top quality, dedicated, servant-hearted nationals have the resources they actually need, together, we can multiply their reach. Our nationals are on-the-ground and in the trenches. They know the culture. They know the history. They know the needs around them. They know when the walls need to be painted...and when they don't. A national knows how to best meet the needs of those around them.

4. They are cost effective

According to Christian Aid Mission, while sending an American family to a rural area can cost $75,000 a year plus start-up funding, resourcing a believer MONTHLY that is already living in the location and part of the culture averages $2560.

They note that depending on the location, that $2560 could double or triple. Even at the maximum tripled amount, equipping a national believer to reach their own people costs far, far less. One year of support for an American missionary family could provide basic support for 10-30 believers! Nationals Are Effective. All four of these come together to make nationals remarkably effective at reaching their people. For example, Sammy Njiru has been so effective at reaching his community, villages and neighbours in Kenya, he had to put up a building center to help disciple, and equipped them all for the work of the cross! Using effective programs that he runs on a daily base.

The ministry building is standing with its neighborhood; their perspective was so altered that they built a counter-cultural home cell groups on the Biblical principles of leadership they learned! Helping the local village pastors to plant a church in their areas to help multiply work of the good news growing so fast,

The youngsters for Christ team building center is helping its neighborhood quickly and effectively. Sammy Njiru has trained the students in high schools for the mission work of the International Missions in Kenya so well, that they are continually sharing Jesus. They, too, saw the Spirit bring enough people to faith that the form of discipleship that made the most sense was planting a church...in far villages! Their influence in kibera has grown as they are invited to share in many villages, contribute Bibles to the needy local Pastors and call others to minister to those in need around them.

Relationships are changing lives in Kenya only a national could do better. Sammy believes our ministry has been positioned to reach people in the very-difficult environment. Sammy shares Jesus and common wisdom from Gods word to and in Kenya slum in kibera through their Nobel outreach ministry programs. We would never want to take anything away from those called to move somewhere to demonstrate and declare God's Kingdom as missionaries.

Their obedience to God's calling and sacrifice is to be honoured and supported. We commend these faithful brothers and sisters. We're thankful for them. Nationals can reach their people in a way no one else can. They are uniquely positioned to declare and demonstrate the Gospel to those around them. They can make a dollar stretch until it yells for help! And they can do a lot of kingdom work with just a little.