There are lots of hands on ways to make an impact in other people’s lives in need. Donate your time and spread awareness by telling friends, family and fellowship you attend, create a fundraising event to support the mission work, or volunteer through a mission trip. The more you tell the people, Youngsters for Christ team mission story, the more you will help the programs to grow and be able to impact many more lives.


Whether you're fundraising by pledging your birthday gifts or by hosting a party, you can make a real difference for children living in poverty. A Girl that cannot afford a pad (monthly sanitary towel), an Old Age Persons’ and even help to support a village by building some few rooms that can be used either like classes for children and at the same time as a church meeting center.

Almost 98% of children in the Slum live in extreme poverty are vulnerable to many factors that threaten their well-being. In order for children to achieve their given potential, they need protection, support and care at each stage of childhood to ensure basic needs such as safety, health and education are met.

With your support and help in fund raising individually or with your friends, church, organizations or businesses will help to provide where underserved children can thrive in communities and bring positive influence in the society.

Youngsters for Christ team (Y.C.T) is a nonprofit that envisions a world where every child is loved, cared for and free to live to their fullest potential, no matter where they’re from or what challenges they face.

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