Building local churches for growth of winning Souls

Kibera slum being a very high populated place with over and a million plus people living below a dollar a day, here we have more than three hundred different Christian fellowships (Churches).The pastors and the leaders of this churches don’t have any formal Bible training, but with the zeal of teaching their members. YCT as a mission we have been bring these pastors and these leaders to equip them with methods and skills on how to reach the lost and weary souls. Also, they have been learning how to preach the word and training their congregants to share the Gospel with others. As well as plant and growing other fellowships in the villages. With this kind of support, we have been able to see many of this churches  grow each day, with big hearts to serve their people in their villages and communities. Many of these pastors have very old Bibles which some are torn with some of their pages cut, as a mission we trust God to be a blessing to these pastors with a number of NIV Study Bibles from which they can study Gods Word well and teach others.  Each Month we need at least 10 NIV Study Bibles for pastors that we know are in need, may the Lord provide. 

We all have a call to evangelize. Jesus called out his disciples to reach out to every living creature. In his time on earth, he would send them out to villages and towns to declare the word of God to them.

As Christians and Believers in Christ, we do not want to let that fire die down. Our ministry has a heart for missions and discipleship.

When it comes to discipling churches, we reach out to the local church leaders. Our work is to encourage them to get out of the four-corner buildings and evangelize to various communities.

Some of the things we do to help these individuals include:

  • Teaching them the importance of evangelism and missions
  • We purchase the New International Version (NIV) Bibles for them since most of them cannot afford them. Some own old Bibles with torn pages.
  • Note that most of these pastors use vernacular languages to reach out to people, speaking in the language or dialect of that particular area.

School Mission

This is an outreach program that we use as a tool designed for reaching out to students through forums, cell groups and discussion on issues or matters affecting them through such we win them, build them disciple them and we send them out as changed Agent for Christ Jesus.

We are currently reaching out to more than ten High School weekly and daily going to at least three schools reaching a population of 4000 students per day.  This program has been very dear to our mission work, we have been able to establish and begin Christian cell groups in all this schools we go to and the success has been very positive and impacting on the students and the schools at larger.  We are so excited with what the Lord is doing and we want to continue to build a generation of champions in Christ Jesus.

 In schools, we link up with their Christian Unions, and through the department. Additionally, we urge the students to meet once a week to read scriptures together.  

As we disciple we encourage them to invite a friend to the Bible study groups, which is also creating a way for the youngsters to evangelize to their peers.

Sammy mobolizing the youths for the Gosple of Jesus