I was born up in Kibera slums in a humble Christian family. I had never taken the initiative of wanting to know about Christ Jesus. Through my primary education, I participated in Christian activities but was not born again’ or given my life to Jesus Christ.


This continued until when I gave my life to Christ. When I joined High school in form one. Later I participated actively in the schools Christian Union meetings and there I became there leader.

After salvation, had to look for a place where my Christian life will grow. This is when I come to know and meet youngsters for Christ team through Eva. Sammy who happen to be coming to our School Langa’ata High, speaking from his heart about the love of Jesus in our Christian union meeting and even Christian rallies there I saw a man personate with a zeal more hungry to make Jesus known to all that he comes across with there I started to find more about the ministry YCT .

I found that there are others that Sammy have reached and raised with the same heart and it’s there I decided to join the ministry and I became an active disciple and even after finishing my High School or O level I joined Schools and college mission team and I started to do the same going to other Schools and colleges and sharing my life and love for Jesus Christ with other Students. And true God started working through me in winning souls and even building them for His Kingdom.

From the time gave my life to Jesus Christ and through the discipleship and leadership of Evangelist Samuel Njiru the Visionary of YCT God transformed drastically and spiritual life has been growing each day and I live to praise and Serve Him God.