My name is Ronald Ochieng. I have been brought up in the Kibera slums by parents who have always given me the freedom of worship in my life. In my childhood I enjoyed participating in Christian activities, but it wasn’t until Form 2 schooling, that I became saved. The Youngsters for Christ Team came to minister to us. I learned more about Jesus Christ and found myself embracing the value of being called to serve (servanthood).

After completing high school, a group of friends and I thought it wise to go for an adventure camp which was meant to clear our heads from the vigorous work of studying. We happily set forth on December 8, 2005 with our camping gear. On our way, a thought came to us to branch in one of the pubs to, “charge our minds” before we enter the campsite.

My life has changed a lot since I got born again 3 years ago. Before life for me was just about hanging around with non-Christians, listening to secular music and talking about things that were not contrary to the will of God. I used to go to church which was mandatory considering the fact that I was born and raised in a Christian background, my dad being a leader in the

I am Derick Okwaro a member of youngsters for Christ team (YCT). I got born again back in primary School by then I had known YCT but was not fully involved in their activities. YCT has played a very important role in my personal life since I was in primary School. Through the leadership of evangelist Sammy Njiru, the ministry has mentored me to whom I am today.

I came to know (Y.C.T) through my sisters in 2007. I loved Y.C.T because I was always moved by the way youths took Christianity seriously with time l came to realize that those youths were not only zealous for God but also had given their lives to Christ Jesus. With that in mind, I just couldn’t stand to be exception. I had no other choice but to accept Christ Jesus as my Lord and personal Saviour like the rest.

My name is Suleiman Muhammed and I am born again, Christ is the Lord of my life. I was born in a family that is committed fully to Islam, the religion of my ancestors. I do not know when I became a Muslim since I was born a Muslim and from my childhood I learnt the ways of our religion and especially to recite the holy Quran in Arabic. I was so eager to serve the Lord whom our fathers worshipped.

One Thursday about 5:30p.m. After a very long day in the mission field, as I was resting in the house; I heard a commotion from a distance.  It was an argument that caught my attention; I moved out to see what was going on.  Just a few meters to where the noise from the argument was emerging from at a distance from our house were this two women crying and wanted to pass through to our main gate to come to see pastor Sammy.

I was born up in Kibera slums in a humble Christian family. I had never taken the initiative of wanting to know about Christ Jesus. Through my primary education, I participated in Christian activities but was not born again’ or given my life to Jesus Christ.

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