My name is Suleiman Muhammed and I am born again, Christ is the Lord of my life. I was born in a family that is committed fully to Islam, the religion of my ancestors. I do not know when I became a Muslim since I was born a Muslim and from my childhood I learnt the ways of our religion and especially to recite the holy Quran in Arabic. I was so eager to serve the Lord whom our fathers worshipped.


In the mosque, we were taught how to defend our religion especially against Christianity. To me, there was no difference between paganism and Christianity. Christianity had changed the gospel of Prophet Jesus and followed the teaching of Paul. With such hatred towards Christianity, I never thought even for a moment that I would become  a Christian. After all, I believed that Christians were lost because Jesus did not die on the cross. How could God allow his holy prophet to die a shameful death on the cross?

But even as I grew up in Islam, I did not have a personal relationship with God. God was so far from me despite all the religious rituals I performed. I started smoking and slowly became a drug addict. With a majority of my agemates, we became thieves because we needed money to get the drugs, especially marijuana and some tablets.

I remember at one time we stole from a supermarket but unfortunately we were caught. We were beaten but since we were children they dint kill us. My life was so miserable and void. This was the kind of life I lived until I completed my primary education.

As we were about to sit our Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams,  one of my friends, Moses Kibazo, gave his life to Christ. We had grown up together since our childhood and did everything together. I did not appreciate the decision he had made to join the group of Christians who claimed to be born again. To me even before he began going to church regularly, he was a Christian since his parents were Christians. ,

However, one thing that amazed me most was how he had transformed after giving his life to Christ. He had a new kind of joy that I did not experience even in all my days of smoking marijuana. Moses and one of his new friends kept on coming to see me and sharing the gospel with me. By this time, we had done our final exams and were waiting the results. Meanwhile, I was working at a video show hall.

Though I was never convinced by what they shared to me, I was eager to discover what had happened to Moses. If it was Jesus, then I would try and see if it was true so when Moses invited me to church, I accompanied him and praise be to the Lamb of God because on that very Sunday, December 2000, I gave my life to Christ.

I enrolled in the discipleship class in church and one day my father found some books at home. He called me and asked if I had ever gone to church. At first I denied because I was so afraid but on showing me the book, I realized that I had to confess Christ and not deny him. My father then took me to the mosque where I was beaten seriously but  I did not renounce my faith.

My father disowned me. I moved away from home. I did not have a place to sleep so I slept at an open air market for about a month. Thereafter my daddy came looking for me. He allowed me back home but would not allow me to eat his food nor do anything at home. The only things I was given was a place to sleep. I felt like a black sheep in my family but the joy of the Lord was my strength. I knew my dad would not pay my school fees to go to high school even if I passed my primary exams.

Well, the Lord has been faithful for all the three years I have been saved. I have completed high school without help from my family and much more, He, God has kept me in salvation. I have had some moments of hardships but Yahweh has never forsaken me.

My message to the body of Christ is: Let’s gain look at the great commission. Antioch in Syria was the center of Christianity in the early church outside Jerusalem. Today, the whole of Syria is purely Muslims.

Dear friend, you and I have an obligation to take the gospel to Muslims even by our actions. Let the fruit of the spirit be seen in you. I believe Christ also died for the Muslims. My prayer is that my family as a whole will come to know Christ. This is my fifth year after the separation from my family. Daddy is still a staunch Muslim but my mum has given her life to Christ now. She is single after daddy divorced her  because of her faith. I believe through your prayers and my prayers, daddy will come to see the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our family will be together again.

Unfortunately, the church is not ready to receive believers with Muslim background but how I pray that we may wake up and realize that Christ also died for them. I pray that this testimony be a challenge to you, to see the need for Muslim evangelism in the church today.

I thank God for YCT for the fellowship I have had with my fellow youth. They have been an encouragement to me.

God bless you.