My name is Ronald Ochieng. I have been brought up in the Kibera slums by parents who have always given me the freedom of worship in my life. In my childhood I enjoyed participating in Christian activities, but it wasn’t until Form 2 schooling, that I became saved. The Youngsters for Christ Team came to minister to us. I learned more about Jesus Christ and found myself embracing the value of being called to serve (servanthood).

I came to join the Youngsters for Christ Team (YCT) while in Form 3 schooling, where I have been able to grow in ministry. I always say that “YCT – Youngsters for Christ Team is a place of effective ministry that leads all People especially young people to a place of eternal reward".

Through all of their programs and activities, especially Wednesday Bible Study’s, I have grown in reading God's Word. I also joined YCT worship team, which is composed of worshippers from different churches. I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a laborer in God’s harvest field. God bless YCT. And amazing thing is that our leader pastor Sammy always workers hard to help others get a bible to read, just this week I was blessed by our leader Sammy with a new bible to replace my very old one which missed some chapters because of missing pages.