One Thursday about 5:30p.m. After a very long day in the mission field, as I was resting in the house; I heard a commotion from a distance.  It was an argument that caught my attention; I moved out to see what was going on.  Just a few meters to where the noise from the argument was emerging from at a distance from our house were this two women crying and wanted to pass through to our main gate to come to see pastor Sammy.

Our gate keeper, who is always under instructions not to let any stranger in had blocked them from accessing our house -perhaps the reason for the argument. Just after I stepped out of the gate one of the ladies (Josephine) who was caring a small child came to me crying. I looked at the child and she seemed to have been sick for quite a while, gone without medication and also gone without food for some days.

‘’I have asked my friend to bring me to your home sir because my last hope is ending today. I cannot bear the pain of seeing my child die in my hands while my husband too is very sick. He is lying on our bed in the house; his life is at the edge of a razorblade,’ said the tearful Josephine.

Her cry touched my heart; she was so broken that she was trying to explain about her last hope. She then said to me ‘’pastor have my baby because I don’t want to see her dead,’’. Confused, I held the child for some few minutes and kept on encouraging her. I then asked her if I can pray with her.

At the point, I could see how broken she was. Josephine told me off to make the decision to pray for the child or not. With my heart also broken I asked God if HE would minister to the child through HIS grace and mercy and let the family trust in HIM for a new beginning. I cried for healing over the child.

Immediately after that prayer  I asked the two ladies to come with me  I walked with them in one of the little shop near our home and I requested the shopkeeper(after explaining to him the challenge/ need at hand)  to  lend me some milk, maize flour and some cooking oil for the family. I called Josephine and told her to accept the little food but Josephine looked at me with tears and she requested me if I could go to her house and pray for the husband. I accepted to accompany her. On arrival, we found Josephine’s husband very sick. I made a prayer for him and the family. Just after finishing to pray Josephine told me that there was something, she wants to share with me.

 “Pastor I have been moving out with men who are not my husband so as to fend for my family. I did this so that I can raise money to take care of my sick husband and our child. I feel I can’t go on like this, that is why my hope has reached the last point”, said Josephine. 

After she finished, her friend too confessed of the same. My heart was so broken and I took some few minutes to talk to them about the love of Christ, after which I asked them if they want to accept Christ. With tears on them they accepted and received Jesus Christ. “It’s a new beginning, a new dawn in your lives.” I told them. Praise God they are now born again. Praise the Lord praise the praise the Lord.

As a ministry we base our trust in the lord of Host Jesus Christ to touch and change lives.