I came to know (Y.C.T) through my sisters in 2007. I loved Y.C.T because I was always moved by the way youths took Christianity seriously with time l came to realize that those youths were not only zealous for God but also had given their lives to Christ Jesus. With that in mind, I just couldn’t stand to be exception. I had no other choice but to accept Christ Jesus as my Lord and personal Saviour like the rest.

 Though I did not know how to. I still didn’t tell anyone that I wanted to get saved or even making a personal decision to accept Jesus in my heart. It was just a decision that I made personal and life continued. It is through the Youngsters for Christ Team meeting that I came to realize that a born again Christian should try to live a righteous life, embrace Christ. I could only live that way by knowing and understanding God’s word in Depth.

This made me find interest in joining (Y.C.T) and attend Bible Study which is held every Saturdays. There I actually got to nourish my spirit strongly and I realized I was getting closer to God. After sometime I came to get familiar with Y.C.T weekly Programs.